Approved Course List

Please note that offerings, pre-requisites, and instructors may change without notice. To confirm the information below, please check department listings on UBC’s official online course schedule. Not all courses with significant Aboriginal content appear on this list. Courses that are not on this list but have significant Aboriginal content (including those outside the Faculty of Arts) may be considered for credit toward a major or minor by special arrangement. Please contact the First Nations and Indigenous Studies Advisor for more information.

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Recent Updates:

2016S Approved Course List

GRSJ 300 941 (3) Intersectional Approaches to Thinking Gender
-Prerequisites: none
-Instructor: Birk, Manjeet
-Course dates: May 15-June 22, 2017

ENGL 470A 951 (3 credits) Canadian Studies
-Prerequisites: ((Pre-requisites must be met by the first day of class or students will be withdrawn). Third year standing and, one of (a) 6 credits of 100-level English; or, (b) WRDS 150 or ASTU 150 plus 3 credits of 100-level English; or, (c) 6 credits of ASTU 100 or 3 credits of ASTU 100 and 3 credits of 100-level English; or, (d) ARTS 001.)
-Instructor: Lee, Tara -Course dates: July 4-August 11, 2017

FNEL 480A 001 (3 credits) Endangered Language Documentation and Revitalization
-Prerequisites: none
-Instructor: TBA
-Course dates: July 24-July 29, 2017

FNEL 489 001 (3) Topics in First Nations and Endangered Languages
-Prerequisites: none
-Instructor: Roses Labrada, Jorge
-Course dates: July 4-July 14, 2017

Go Global Seminars:

FNIS 360D 101 (3) Applied Learning: Collaborative Place-Based Research
-Prerequisites: One of FNSP 200, FNIS 210, FNSP 210, FNIS 220, FNSP 220 (and permission from the instructor).
-Instructor: TBA
-Course dates: June 19-July 7, 2017

Peru Summer Institute (6 credits):

EDCP 467A: Ecology, Technology, and Indigeneity in the High Amazon
EDCP 467B: Narrativity, Indigenous Ecoliteracies, and Ecopedagogies in the High Amazon
-Prerequisites: none
-Instructor: Cole, Peter
-Course dates: June 4 – June 24, 2017

*This course is offered off-campus and requires an application. Deadline to apply is Feb. 12, 2017.  For more information and to apply, please visit: