Courses Taught by FNIS Faculty

Along with instructing courses within First Nations and Indigenous Studies, our faculty members teach courses in their respective disciplinary backgrounds. FNIS instructors will be teaching the following courses during 2017W:

  • POLI 316A – Global Indigenous Politics
  • ENGL 231 – Introduction to Indigenous Literatures
  • POLI 547B 001 – Topics in Political Theory

POLI 316A 001 (3) Global Indigenous Politics
The political dynamics of Indigenous peoples politics on the global level; the legal and practical realities of colonization as a global Indigenous experience; current global Indigenous political issues and avenues of Indigenous resistance.
Instructor: Lightfoot, Sheryl
Pre-requisites: none

ENGL 231 001 (3) Introduction to Indigenous Literatures
A study of cultural expression in contemporary Indigenous contexts.
Instructor: Nason, Dory
Pre-reqs: ((Pre-requisites must be met by the first day of classes or students will be withdrawn). One of (a) 6 credits of 100-level English; or, (b) WRDS 150 or ASTU 150 and 3 credits of 100-level English, or (c) 6 credits of ASTU 100 OR 3 credits of ASTU 100 and 3 credits of 100-level English; or, (d) ARTS 001.)

POLI 547B 001 (3) Topics in Political Theory
Pre-reqs: none (restricted to GRAD students)
Instructor: Coulthard, Glen