Alumni Interviews

Jordan Wilson, former FNIS Student Project Assistant, conducted several interviews with First Nations and Indigenous Studies alumni to hear about their experience in the Program.

Topics ranged from how they came to study at UBC and FNIS, highlights from their time at FNIS, their experience in FNIS’s core courses (especially the 400-level Research Practicum), what they are up to post-FNIS, or any other words that they wanted to impart.

You can find excerpts from this alumni interview series below.

We would like to thank Francine Burning, Karrmen Crey, Vicki George, Erin Hanson, Danielle Mashon, and Charlene Smoke for their participation in this project.


A list of our Alumni post-UBC life interviews are below:

Charlene Smoke – Post-UBC Life 1

Charlene Smoke – Post-UBC Life 2

Danielle Mashon – Post-UBC Life


A list of our FNIS highlight interviews are below: 

Charlene Smoke – Highlights

Karrmen Crey – Highlights