UBC Vancouver Indigenous Portal

The UBC Vancouver Indigenous web portal is a resource for information relating to Indigenous programs, initiatives, research and services that are available on the UBC Vancouver campus.  You will also find information about general services that may be of interest, including a directory of Academic Advisors on campus, information about Housing, Childcare, Recreation and Counselling, and much more.

As you make your way through the site, you will notice that many different individuals from across campus have shared their stories. We encourage you to explore these stories as a way of becoming informed about what is available for Indigenous students on campus, as well as familiarizing yourself with the people you may come into contact with. Consider these stories a guide, leading you through the site and possibly pointing you in a new and exciting direction.

The portal has been designed in such a way that, once you do reach your final destination, you will be able to link to a variety of useful resources that have been developed across campus.