The First Nations and Indigenous Studies curriculum is based around a set of core courses which are requirements for the major and minor degrees. An integral of the FNIS major is the opportunity to complete a research practicum with a local organization through FNIS 400. In addition to the core courses, students take approved courses in other departments to complete the requirements for the interdisciplinary major or minor.

For courses that are full or blocked, please e-mail to be placed on a waiting list.


Request to Waive Course Prerequisite/Corequisite

Application Deadline: July 15, 2017

The primary purpose of prerequisites and corequisites is to ensure students possess the necessary skills to be academically successful. However, there may be exceptional cases where students acquire the requisite skill or knowledge through other means.

Students wishing to request a prerequisite/corequisite waiver must fill out the below form and submit to to be reviewed by the program for consideration.


Students must meet the below requirements to be considered:

  • Min. of 6 credits of course work with Indigenous content
  • Min. of 68% in FNIS 210, 220, 310, 320 (or equivalent)

*Please note, submitting this form does not guarantee acceptance to the course for which the waiver is requested. You are encouraged to register for courses you currently meet the requirements for while your request is being considered.