Dechinta: Bush University Centre for Research and Learning is a northern-led initiative delivering land-based, university credited educational experiences led by northern leaders, experts, elders and professors to engage northern and southern youth in a transformative curricula based on the cutting-edge needs of Canada’s North.

If you are interested in taking courses at Dechinta Bush University Centre and receiving credits toward your degree, please apply through the Go Global Page or contact our Program Advisor to discuss this possibility.

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First Nations and Indigenous Studies (FNIS) in partnership with Dechinta: Bush University Centre for Research and Learning is offering a place-based seminar through Go Global. This course will be offered this upcoming Summer Session (2017S).

This land-based intense delivery course will critically explore the Dene struggle for self-determination since the establishment of the Indian Brotherhood of the Northwest Territories in 1970. Particular attention will be paid to examining the ways in which the Dene and other Indigenous communities in the North have sought to overcome the ongoing effects of colonialism through a variety of means, including efforts aimed at achieving cultural recognition through land claims, self-government and economic development, and by reconnecting and revitalizing the land-based practices and relationships that form the core of many Indigenous peoples’ identities and ways of life. 

Upon course completion, students will not only have improved faculties of critical analysis but will have done so incorporating hands-on Indigenous land-based skills which will contextualize and inform theoretical concepts and ideas. Students will gain a more relevant understanding of the dynamics in Indigenous communities and the importance of land in these relationships. To facilitate this learning, each day will integrate seminar lectures on the land with instruction from Dene elders and community experts in land-based practices of self-determination, including the setting and checking of fish nets, preparing and drying fish and meat, and learning about and gathering medicinal plants, all according to Dene tradition.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity visit the Go Global Page or contact our Program Advisor.