Other Opportunities

First Nations and Indigenous Studies (FNIS) would like to draw attention to the unique and rewarding opportunities available to current students in their undergraduate studies. Whether studying abroad, getting involved at the local community of Musqueam, or taking part in summer field schools, there are interesting possibilities to enhance one’s experience at UBC.



“The community is super welcoming… you have the opportunity to learn so much.”
-Sarah Robinson

A field semester program for undergraduate students interested in natural resources and the environment.

The Haida Gwaii Semester provides students an immersion opportunity in a unique resource-dependent community in which the social, cultural, ecological, political and economic issues facing natural resource managers around the globe come together at a local scale.

Students live in the Village of Queen Charlotte, attend lectures at the world-class Haida Heritage Centre at Kaay Llnagaay (“Sea Lion Town”) in Skidegate, tour the forests and landscapes of the islands, meet with local experts and knowledge-holders, and become part of the Haida Gwaii Community.

Sarah Robinson, FNIS alumna, spent a semester in Haida Gwaii. On the experience she remarked: “It gave me a glimpse that people with different agendas can come together and make it work.” The courses are taught in an intensive manner, which allows students to focus on the material currently being taught. Sarah felt that this process encouraged her to be immersed in her studies in a way that a typical term at UBC cannot duplicate.

To ensure courses taken through the Haida Gwaii semester count toward your BA, please contact our Associate Director.

Click here to learn more about the Haida Gwaii semester.


The UBC Go Global Program provides students with the opportunity to study abroad. FNIS is currently working to increase global learning opportunities for our students by developing a stronger partnership with UBC Go Global.  The following are Go Global partner institutions that have Programs relevant to First Nations and Indigenous Studies students. If you are thinking about going on exchange, plan ahead, and consult with the FNIS Advisor as well as the Go Global Advising office.


New Zealand

United States