2019/20 Practicum Timeline

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Practicum Timeline for Partner Organizations: September 2019 – March 2020

September 10, 2019 – Meeting at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre at 9:30AM

to mid-October

– Students may contact organizations to discuss projects further.

– Students submit cover letters and resumes to organizations by September 27th.

– Organizations invite students for interviews in late September through early    October.

– Organizations are asked to contact FNIS by October 11th with feedback on the  interviews, including top choice of students and any concerns.

– Organizations will be notified whether or not they have a pairing with a practicum  student by mid-October.

Mid to late October – Students and organizations begin discussing research projects and move towards an  agreed-upon research proposal that includes clear timeline and deliverables.

– Agreements between each student and organization are signed and projects  commence by October 25th.

– Students begin working with organizations and sending their supervisor weekly  reports.

– If the project does not require ethics approval for work with people, the research can start right away.

– If the project does include research with people, students work on aspects of the project that do not involve interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc. For example, students can work on literature reviews, relationship building, planning toward research and archival work.

Late October to mid-November – Students work on the UBC Behavioral Research Ethics Board (BREB) application for human research, if required. BREB applications are due November 15th and must be approved before invitations, interviews, surveys or other research activity can begin.

– Projects that require internal approval from an organization or community (ex. a research agreement with a Nation to conduct research within the community) must be completed before submitting the UBC BREB application.

Mid-December to late February – Students begin interviews, focus groups, surveys, etc. upon receiving ethics approval.

– Arrangements are made to visit practicum organizations.

Early March – Projects move towards completion. Final deliverables are due to the organization on February 28th.
Late March – Students present the findings of the research project at UBC and to any other individuals as identified in the project proposal.

– Partner organizations and community members are invited to the presentations at the UBC on Tuesday, March 31st at 9:00 am in the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre

– Partner organizations submit project evaluations to FNIS.