Ban the Ban: A Learn-in for UBC Students, Faculty and Staff

Ban the Ban: A Learn-in for UBC Students, Faculty, and Staff

St. John’s College, Social Lounge
Friday February 3rd, 2017
University of British Columbia
Unceded Musqueam Territory

This panel is an immediate and urgent response to President Trump’s Executive Order which imposes a 90 day suspension of visas and other travel documents on nationals from 7 countries – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen.

Join UBC Students and Faculty for a discussion that connects the ‘Muslim Ban,’ the Keystone XL/ Dakota Pipelines, and Standing Rock; historical precedents to the Order; and how the ban will affect Muslims in the identified countries and beyond.

Some of the confirmed speakers include:

Iman Baobeid, Social Justice Institute
Ayesha Chaudhry, Social Justice Institute
Glen Coulthard, FNIS/ Political Science
Dory Nason, FNIS/ Social Justice Institute
Renisa Mawani, Sociology
Sara Shneiderman, Anthropology
Henry Yu, History

Moderated by Carla Nappi, History