Sakihiwawin: Land’s Overflow into the space-tial ‘Otherwise’

Karyn Recollet is an urban Cree visitor to Tkaronto (where the trees stand in the water), Ontario. She is faculty at in the Women and Gender Studies Department, University of Toronto.  Her most recent imaginings and writings invite intersections between cultural/ critical theory, Indigenous sci fi, choreography and spaces ‘otherwise’ (Crawley).  Recollet is beginning to explore how constellations, and star mappings provide principles for social organizing, and movement building.

This talk will discuss celestial movement practice in Spine of the Mother (choreographed by Starr Muranko, Cherokee/ Mohawk rapper Dio Ganhdih’s Pussy Vortex, and the sonic/ digital aqueous work of (Nêhiyaw/ Metis) Elizabeth LaPensée’s Honouring Water.  As Indigenous mappings, these cultural productions push back against the flattening of the terrestrial – gesturing towards the sky and the waterways. In my analysis, I center the practice of ‘glyphing’ (Recollet, 2016) as the modalities, or forms that activate Sakihiwawin in multiple geographic scales, or levels (the night sky, the lake, river, or stream). Thus, an understanding of radical relationally through Sakihiwawin permeates through boundedness, to illuminate the overflow of lands, lives, and love.  Jumping scales from terrestrial, subaqueous, and celestial modes of being acknowledges forms of radical relationalities as ‘kinstillatory’ connections between human and non-human entities.