FNIS 401U / Embodying Our Teachings: Critical Reflections on Our Relations with Land and Community

There are still seats available! If you are interested in this course, please fill out this brief survey: https://goo.gl/forms/ccoTZS8kd0BIInZf2 or contact Emily and Victoria at embodyingourteachings@gmail.com

FNIS 401U will critically engage with how colonial encounters experienced by the community and the land have influenced the current learning environment at UBC. We will actively think through the ways in which we as individuals, and as a community, can embody anti-colonial futurities, while simultaneously acknowledging the hauntings of the past.

This course is a student-directed seminar co-facilitated by Victoria Cooke (4th year double-major in FNIS and GRSJ) and Emily Bailey (4th year major in GRSJ and minor in FNIS). It will be held Wednesday mornings from 9am-12pm in Ponderosa Commons Oak House, Room 1008.

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