FNIS Practicum Students Seeking Interviewees

The 2016W FNIS Practicum students are seeking interviewees for their upcoming projects.  See details on the types of projects below:

Post-Secondary Indigenous Student Experiences: A Video Documentation Project by Nicole Cardinal

Are you an Aboriginal Student who has recently graduated from a Post Secondary Institution within the last 5 years? If so, are you interested in participating in a research project and sharing your student experiences while you were attending post secondary with services such as: recruitment, orientations, tours and access to financial advising.

Student researcher, Nicole Cardinal, is in her 4th year of First Nations Indigenous Studies at UBC. She is partnering with UBC Enrolment Services aiming to ensure Aboriginal student voices are heard. Participants will be interviewed on video, which will then be used to train Enrolment services staff at UBC.

Interested in participating? We are looking for individuals willing to participate in in a 30-50 minute interview about their experiences with services in post-secondary education. The interview will be video recorded for use in a training video used internally by UBC Enrolment services.

For more information please contact Nicole Cardinal via email: nicole.cardinal@alumni.ubc.ca