Tanya Bob assists with the First Nations and Indigenous Studies Practicum, and is also the CIS Associate Director.

Cecilia Federizon is the Program Assistant and supports the daily administration of the Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies. She graduated from UBC with a BA in Sociology and a minor in the Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Institute.

Beverly is a 2nd generation Cantonese settler and a 4th year student in FNIS and Geography (environment and sustainability). She will be working as the CIS Winter Project Assistant for the Institute of Critical Indigenous Studies. Beverly is happy to answer any questions about her time at UBC, and can be found in the main office Monday (8:30-11:30), Wednesday (8:30-11:30) and Friday (8:30-12:30).

Louise Soga is the Senior Program Assistant for the Institute of Critical and Indigenous Studies and is responsible for the coordination of a variety of CIS program functions. She brings extensive UBC institutional experience to the role and was born and raised in Vancouver. You can find her in the main office happy to assist with any questions regarding the Institute.

Candice Yu is the Administrator for the Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies (CIS). She is responsible for the daily operation of the Institute.