Student Reflections

Our students regularly identify the research practicum as the most meaningful experience of their undergraduate careers, where the university and community meet to accomplish work of lasting value. Browse the left menu for a collection of student reflections that were made upon completing their FNIS Research Practicum placement.

Student Presentation Videos:

2021/2022 FNIS 400 Student Presentations

21W Practicum Group

From left to right: David Gaertner (Practicum Instructor), Grant Bird, Tait Gamble, Marcus Reed, Autumn Schnell, Summer Tyance & Tanya Bob (Associate Director).


2020/2021 FNIS 400 Student Presentations

20W Practicum group

From left to right, Top row: Emma Ettinger, Daniel Heath Justice (Practicum Instructor), & Eric Zheng. Middle row: Courteney Durand Morin, Jessica Adamson, & Tanya Bob (Associate Director). Bottom row: Henry Guinn, Ben Lickerman, Sydney Hamilton.


2018/2019 FNIS 400 Student Presentations

From left to right: Tanya Bob (Associate Director), Silken Handford-Perronnet, Adina Reyes Williams, Danika Hammond, Sarah Siska, Dr. Daniel Justice (Acting Director of the Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies), Alexa Manuel, Tyanna Carpenter, Jade LaFontaine, Chelsea Gladstone, and Scott Ballon.


Past Practicum Projects 2004-2017