Chris Cardinal (2016)

Chris completed his practicum in the 2016W session.

1. Who was your practicum partner organization, and what did your project entail?

My practicum project was completed with the assistance of amazing staff at UBC’s CiTR radio station. It was a 3 part podcast series called ‘Wolf Trax.’ The purpose of the podcast was to interview UBC students who had a positive experience in a post-secondary class with an Aboriginal focus. I wanted to know their reasons of why they believed education with an Aboriginal focus is beneficial in bridging the current discord between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada.

2. How well prepared did you feel entering the Research Practicum?

I thought I was prepared. Although there was a lot of revisions with the project, all the hard work of organizing data, editing primary research, and sculpting sound made it a project I am very proud of. To this day, I’m still talking about it!

3. What is one thing you learned from your Practicum experience?

When it comes to doing interviews, it is so easy to fall off track and just end up having a conversation. As interesting as those interviews were, with one hand on a piece of audio equipment, and the other on a question sheet, it was a challenge in keeping with the moment of the interview. Fortunately, I knew if there was a run-on question or an answer that went off point, I would remember it was ok to calmly ask the participant if we could back up and repeat a question or answer. Keeping my participants at ease was key in carrying forward with amazing interviews.

4. What was the highlight of your Practicum experience?

The highlight was my participants sharing with me how important their connections to Aboriginal people are. Moreover, the participants not only demonstrated to me how important community is and why we need it, they also reminded me of how important relationships are in our growth as human beings, and how memory serves as an everlasting bond to them.

5. What is some advice that you would give to future Practicum students?

Step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to get the most out of your studies. Be present, ask questions, and do the readings. Build your community, grow within it, and cherish the experience while it lasts. Finally, don’t take yourself too seriously… have fun!