Ancient Spaces

This project was developed in Arts Instructional Support & Information Technology at UBC, with FNIS as a part of its development team.

Ancient Spaces aimed to create immersive, three-dimensional historical environments that will allow users to interact with objects, structures, and historical characters in a virtual space. The virtual environment builds off of technology used in “massively multiplayer” computer games, with the goal of changing perspectives and widening understandings of historical places and environments for students, researchers and the public.

FNSP 401A was a collaborative undertaking through First Nations and Indigenous Studies, the School of Architecture, and Landscape Architecture. It gave students from a variety of academic backgrounds, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, the challenge of designing 3-D models of structures of the Nisga’a First Nation, including work done for creating a model of a Nisga’a village, a project that was featured on the Faculty of Arts website.