What I Learned in Class Today

Classrooms, especially classrooms at major institutions like UBC, are becoming increasingly diverse and require attention in order to have effective cross-cultural discussions. What I Learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom works to improve the conversations around politically and culturally sensitive issues in a classroom by asking: how does communication around identity, histories, power and privilege happen in a classroom, and how can it be better supported?

This project examines the classroom experiences of students, instructors, and administrators at UBC in order to make these problems visible, to better understand how difficulties arise, and to find ways for more professional and productive classroom discussions. The project clearly identified the complexities and challenges of classroom conversations involving contentious cross-cultural discussions and asks instructors and TA’s to reflect on their current teaching and think about ways that it supports a productive climate for all students; particularly when discussing Indigenous course content, lives, and perspectives. Learn more about the project here.