Klamath Termination Oral History Project

The Klamath, Modoc, and Yahooskin tribes once jointly occupied a large reservation in southern Oregon, but saw their status and land terminated by act of Congress in 1954. Their status, but not their land, was restored in1986. This oral history project, recorded in digital video and presented in FNIS IVT viewer, records the recollections of Klamath elders of the termination, and the adaptations they and their tribes made in order to survive and maintain their culture. This project was begun by Linc Kesler and elder Morrie Jimenez in 2002 at Oregon State University, but has since moved to FNIS.

To learn more about the Klamath Termination Oral History Project, please visit the Klamath Termination page on the Indigenous Foundations website or email cis.arts@ubc.ca.